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Starting your own business is a big step. Your new customers and suppliers expect you to be ready from the get go and having a fully functional IT system from the start is an enormous benefit, it saves you from stress and problems further down the line.

What can we provide

Think of companies you’ve worked for before, you’ve taken granted the computer network, telecoms, mobile phones email and office software.  You’re going to need the same facilities from day one. Here at Digital Life Consulting we focus on understanding the needs of a small business and adapt our IT Support services to meet requirements.

If you need a system setup from scratch, depending on the size of your new business, we can provide pc workstations, Servers, Storage on the cloud and the accompanying cabling and networking infrastructure

While mobiles are great on the move, an internal phone system quickly becomes a must, with today’s VOIP systems, you’ll be surprised how little it costs to get you up and running.

Remote working solutions are a must as a new business, if your not in the office customers and suppliers will still expect to be able to reach you. So we supply and configure the following so you’re always in touch

  • Office365 so your email and files are always with you.
  • Breathe HR so you’ll always  know who’s in and out the office at anytime, whos called in sick.
  • Remote desktop software, so when your out the office, you can still jump on to your main desktop PC.
  • VOIP phone systems, so customer calls to the office are automatically transferred to your mobile  so you never miss a call


As your business grows organise office moves and remote site connections  to ensure the smooth running of your IT continues uninterrupted.

We’ll offer the advice your staff need to resolve their everyday IT problems including the vast help with the majority of popular business software

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