Easy to use HR software

Simplify and automate your people management

One central location for all HR information with employee self-service to keep everything up to date.

Employee data in one place

Our mission as a breatheHR Partner is to give you the resources to make data driven decisions for your business. With all your employee information in one place and automating those time-consuming human resource administrative tasks, breatheHR transforms the way that you do HR

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Manage holiday requests

Rid yourself of holiday forms, wall planners and sticky labels, booking holiday with employee self-service and a central calendar makes managing leave requests easy.

With our central calendar you can easily see who’s in and out of the office and booking and approving holidays is a breeze with employee / manager self service screens

Increase performance

Manage appraisals, give praise, set one-to-one meetings and objectives.

Set company goals, employee objectives and deliverables. Let you employees know whats expected from them and help them meet their objectives. Our HR software makes it simple to analyse and boost employee performance by creating a company culture that encourages praise and feedback

Improve communication

Share company news and objectives and reward great performance with the kudos function.

Provide an online platform for sharing company information. Set read by dates to ensure employees are aware of changes to vital company documents. By having an opportunity to keep informed, employees will be eager to stay involved in the company. This will help create more energy and purpose behind communication.

Additional Functionality

Manage sickness and absence

  Identify patterns in sickness-absence.
  Compare sickness-absence levels between staff, departments and locations.

Smarter Online Expenses Management

Help your recruitment team manage entire hiring process. provide a central store for all recruiting documentation, such as cvs references well details of job vacancies

Seamless applicant tracking

With our online expense management system, it’s simple for employees to submit claims and managers approve track at the touch of a button. increase visibility expenditure, improve expenses compliance, accelerate process.

Hosted Exchange and Office suite


Moving your email into the cloud simply means that you no longer require the managed servers, infrastructure or software. Hosted Exchange, Hosted Email or Cloud Email works by simply replacing this with a “service” delivered from data centres.

Comprehensive Hardware Support

Hardware Support

Assistance for mission critical enterprise wide solutions 24×7 Peace of mind that investment made on solution will be maintainedGuarantees engineer will be on-site within specified time frame with replacement hardware

Web Security

Web Security

Effective web content filtering Increase employee productivity, reduce Internet abuse Secure your VPN Block malware and phishing sites